Wineries and an Artist’s Colony in the Golan Heights

Sybal Kaplan


How would you feel if you could swallow less than a tablespoon of something every day and know it would prevent heart disease and bad cholesterol, destroy cancer cells and even stop the development of cancer? If you are a diabetic, it would balance the level of insulin in the blood.

A miracle drug? No, much simpler. These are the claims of the Rimon Winery in the Upper Galilee and no grapes are involved. Tair Iluz, the darling, 21-year-old niece of the owner and in charge of exports gave us a tour recently and explained.

Fourteen years ago, her uncle and his son were part of a family of farmers who had founded Moshav Kerem Ben Zimra in the Upper Galilee. He read about healing aspects of pomegranates and developed a pomegranate hybrid three years later, where each weighed 1-1/2 kilos(3.3 pounds). When it was sent to a lab, he learned that the level of sugar was very high, like grapes for wines.

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