Shevat Began Jan 26


It may still be the heart of the winter in many places, but the month of Shevat marks a hidden and mystical time of new beginnings. Shevat is a time of rebirth, new inspiration and creativity. The first part of the month may still feel dark and harsh, but that all changes after the 15th of the month, the full  moon, and the holiday of Tu B’Shevat. Be patient. Spring is coming. Something new is going to come forth within you. Prepare yourself for the new revelation of light and blessing that is available during this month of Shevat.

During Shevat, do not waste time focusing on what you physically see before you, what you have and what you do not have. Much of what we currently experience, we have already birthed previously in our consciousness. The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. Everything has its roots in the spiritual and invisible realms of Being.

Let’s not be bound by the past but call out in the month of Shevat for new inspiration. Say “Yes” to the newness of life once again. Invite the awesome potential within you to come forth. Believe that you will bear new fruit and you will.

The energy of the month is best represented by the holiday of Tu B’Shevat. Kabbalistically it is one of the highest and most joyous days of the year. It is called the New Year for the Trees. Though the trees may still be barren at this time, we are told that the new sap begins to flow on Tu B’Shevat. We once again trust in the cycle of life that will produce new leaves, fruits and flowers.

The Torah tells us that the human being is likened to a tree. Like the sap of the trees, our creative juices begin flowing on Tu B’Shevat, so we too will bear new fruit and flowers in the spring.

How do we bear new fruit in our lives? How do we open to newness? We know that a tree needs firm roots to grow and it needs water. In the month of Shevat we refine and strengthen our roots. If we want to change what is happening in our lives, if we want to birth new possibilities for ourselves, we have to change our consciousness, our thoughts, our feelings and our connection to our bodies. Our consciousness holds the roots of what we create in our life. Prayer, meditation, learning Torah and therapy are powerful tools to change our consciousness.

Interestingly enough, the area of healing this month is eating. Eating is also a mysterious inner process of renewal. We do not just eat physical food, but we ingest all kinds of food. What we do for recreation, movies, television, books, music, friends, the work we do, everything we take into ourselves is food and has the ability to strengthen or weaken us. This month asks us to become conscious of what we take within us and seek to nurture ourselves on all levels.

Meditation for the month of Shevat
(Do this meditation as often as you can during this month of Shevat.)

Prepare yourself for meditation with slow deep breathing, either sitting or standing. If you like, extend your arms upwards. And imagine yourself as a tree. Your branches are now barren, but your roots are hidden, strong and deep. Go deep inside, open to the new creative energy stirring within you now. Breathe deeply and open and attune yourself to this new flow. Open to a new beginning. Keep breathing deeply as you do this simple opening to the new. Let go of the past limiting beliefs of who you thought you were, or what was possible in your life, and open to simply being present.

Open your heart, open your mind. Say “Yes!” over and over again. Say it silently to yourself, say it out loud, sing it, shout it, whisper it. Breathe deeply. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!! You will bring forth beautiful flowers and new fruit this year. Yes, I can! Amen. Amen, Amen. Remember to say Amen to conclude all prayer and blessings. Amen seals the prayer and blessing. Say it slowly from a deep place in your belly.

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