Shevat – A Month Of Renewal – Kabbalah of the Month

MELINDA_RIBNERThis new month of Shevat beginning sunset on January 1, 2014 is pregnant with new possibilities. Some of us may have lived through a cold and challenging winter this year in our lives, but spring is coming. Be patient and never lose hope. The first part of the month of Shevat may still feel energetically harsh, but that all changes at the time of the full moon of this month, the 15th of the month celebrated as Tu B’Shevat, one of the highest days of the year.

In this month of Tevet, the month preceding Shevat, we had to purify ourselves and transform the negative forces that limit and keep us from realizing our vision and dreams. Even though the purpose of the challenges may not have been clear, we must know whatever work we have done to meet and overcome them has not been in vain. The seeds of our vision have been planted deeper within us. We have been strengthened. In Shevat, the seeds begin to sprout.

Believe that you will bear new fruit and you will. Something new will come forth within you. We will bring forth our visions into reality. This month of renewal is the time to go deep inside and contact the creative energy within you.

Be open to a new beginning! Say “Yes!” to the newness of life once again and all the potential within you to come forth…. This is an optimal time to conceive of new projects. Breathe out the old and breathe in the new. It may not be clear what the new is for you, but simply agree to be open to the process of renewal in your life. Be open to surprises, meeting new people and doing new things. Give yourself time to relax, let go and receive inspiration. There is much blessing available this month.

The Torah portions reflect the energy of the month. During Shevat, the time of our inner renewal, we read of the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt and the plagues that revealed the awesome power of God. Interesting enough, there are ten plaques, ten commandments, ten sayings in creation, and ten sephirot. They are all connected to each other: Each one reveals a unique attribute of God’s power. In this week’s Torah portion of Bo, the Jewish people are given the mitzvah of establishing the Jewish calendar.

The months in the Jewish calendar are based on the time of the new moon. The cycles of the moon remind us of the cycles of life. Sometimes our light is shining for the world to see and other times, our light is diminishing as we turn inward. The Jewish calendar is unique in that it adds an additional month every few years so that Passover always occurs in the spring. Having control of our own time, our own calendar was very important for the Jewish people emerging from bondage to becoming a new people.

Much of what has been written above was excerpted from Kabbalah Month by Month. There is so much more in this book about each month that cannot be revealed in the confines of this newsletter. This book along with my other books on meditation, Everyday Kabbalah, New Age Judaism and The Secret Legacy of Biblical Women are available on Amazon or could be ordered through your favorite bookstore.

Melinda Ribner L.C.S. W., internationally known for her pioneering work in kabbalistic meditation and healing, is also a spiritual psychotherapist and for more than 30 years has used kabbalistic wisdom as part of treatment. She offers a free newsletter on meditation, healing, kabbalistic energies of the months, holidays, and so forth.

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