Major vs. Minor fun

Bernie DeKoven

Hello again, Mr. Funsmith.

First of all, how are you already? And before I forget, thanks for your insightful, dast I say, brilliant comments about that whole Fun IQ thing. Fun. Fun way to think about fun. Intelligent, even. So, I thought, since we’re corresponding already with such productivity, that I’d ask maybe if you could delve a little into this “deep fun” thing you spend the whole article talking about. When it comes to deep, what kinds of fun do you think are really deep, if you know what I mean, and I really hope you do.

Your avid reader, Ch. Chochom.

First of all, I’m fine, thanks. You? Second of all, my dear Mr. Chochom, I again have to thank you for the insightfulness of your questions and the almost surprising relevance and timeliness of the aforementioned.

So, let’s consider two different funonemena.

We’ll call one “Major” and the other “Minor.”

Major fun is, well, Major. Fun that is so much fun that we are willing to risk life and limb to taste it, even if only for a second. It’s the fun of sky diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, snow boarding. Major fun is the kind of fun that is so intense, so engaging, so total, that you really know, when you have it, that what you are having is fun.

Minor fun is the chewing gum kind of fun, even the washing dishes kind of fun that comes with the warm water and emerging sparkle and the meditation-like expanse of timelessness that ends when the sink is empty. It’s the kind you are barely aware of as being fun. Like the watching TV kind of fun, or the eating potato chips kind, or the day dreaming kind. Minor fun is generally pleasant, mild, kind of euphoric, kind of like flow. Minor fun is what we have when we’re doodling, making paper clip chains, twiddling thumbs and other twiddlables, getting comfortable, feeling well-fed. Minor fun is smelling something good, seeing something pretty, hearing something nice, tasting something tasty.

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