Florida’s Boca Raton Resort and Club
is like fine wine (especially on Passover)

View of Atlantic Ocean from <br>Boca Raton’s Resort and Club Beach Facility

View of Atlantic Ocean from
Boca Raton’s Resort and Club Beach Facility

Entrance to the majestic mainland and newly renovated tower facility

Entrance to the majestic mainland
and newly renovated tower facility

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One of the linguistic curiosities in the names of some American cities is the startling cleavage between the meaning and reality of those names. A case in point: Boca Raton, in the original Spanish, means “rat’s mouth” a designation which the Spanish explorers gave to the indentation on the Atlantic coastline which eventually became a major city in the state of Florida.

The unpleasantness of that geographical coordinate stands in contrast to the unparalleled beauty of today’s Boca Raton, one of Florida’s most aesthetically pleasing cities in the entire state. The low rise architecture of Boca Raton, its pastel colored (pink appears to be its favorite) stucco building exteriors, its theaters, museums, art galleries and commercial centers – and its Oceanside condos and hotels – all contribute to the quiet visual enhancement of this extraordinarily popular playground for tourists and residents alike.

And for more than 80 years now, a legacy of one of Florida’s inspired architect-developers, Addison Mizner, The Boca Raton Resort and Club (now part of The Waldorf Astoria Group) has also inverted its city name by incarnating the most elegant design imaginable in its dual 356 acre properties on the mainland and in its Boca Beach Club right on the Atlantic Ocean, a short jaunt from the famous Cloisters facility inland.

Whether one chooses the mainland facility or the Oceanside Beach Club, guests will find rooms and suites with plush interiors, eye pleasing furniture, excellent lighting and wall paper, every conceivable electronic amenity and bed linens of high repute.

Those lucky enough to reserve at the Boca Beach Club will find guest rooms that front on the Atlantic Ocean and which have wide windows that, when opened, invite both the rising sun and the gentle ocean breezes. One particularly innovative feature is a series of translucent tarpaulins that are strategically placed over the pool areas – to protect bathers from excessive exposure to the sun.

The Boca Raton Resort and Club is offering its oceans of manicured verdure, botanical gardens, newly renovated tower rooms, 30 clay court tennis courts, 2 championship golf courses, spectacular fitness center, 4 capacious swimming pools  and its state of the art Palazzo spa – for the enjoyment and delectation of Jewish visitors during the April 2014 Passover holiday.

The kosher cuisine during Passover will be supervised by Orthodox Rabbi Yakov Lipschutz of Prestige Caterers. In addition to Prestige’s innovative gastronomic excellence, the Boca Raton’s Resort and Club will offer on Passover a wide range of relevant religious services, lectures (shiurim), recreational activities and entertainment. Among the roster of lecturers in Boca’s 2014 Passover are Rabbi Bini Maryles of the Orthodox Union, Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz of Yeshiva University in New York and Rabbi Finkelstein of the University of Memphis.

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