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Our first Israeli wedding

by Sybil Kaplan January 30, 2012

We had been in Israel one week short of three years, and although we have attended many simchot, heard about weddings from friends (and from my daughter who has gone to many weddings), when our friend called to ask if we would like to attend the wedding of his daughter, we were thrilled. And when the invitation arrived, that was more

Shopping in Jerusalem, something for every taste

by Batya Medad December 2, 2009

I always get a kick out of the store window reflections, even when there's nothing I would buy. I've never liked snoods. I think of them as colored undershirts with more

Seen on the Israel Scene: Wineries and an Artist's Colony in the Golan Heights

by Sybil Kaplan November 18, 2009

How would you feel if you could swallow less than a tablespoon of something every day and know it would prevent heart disease and bad cholesterol, destroy cancer cells and even stop the development of cancer? If you are a diabetic, it would balance the level of insulin in the more

Variety of interesting stories

by Sybil Kaplan December 2, 2009

When we lived in Overland Park, I did my weekly shopping at the local supermarket, Price Chopper, or the one with the large kosher sections, Hen House, supplemented by the Wal-Mart neighborhood store. One of the stock items I bought was toilet paper most frequently four packs but sometimes more. This was a very private purchase that went into my grocery more

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